Good Equipment for the New Referee

Question: Hi, what is some good equipment that I should have? I am fairly new at refereeing and don’t have some stuff (flags, alternate jerseys, etc.).

Answer: Hello, glad to know that you are started to referee! To start you off, I would go with some basic, but fairly nice equipment. For uniforms, you should check out our uniform article. As far as flags go, I would get something basic, and depending on what style you want. Maybe something like this or this.

For a wallet, I would buy something like this.

As far as whistles go, I would look here for more information. I recommend buying a basic gym/duffel bag that you can find on nearly any website or in any store. If you want to go for a more advanced range of equipment, check out this information on communication systems. I wouldn’t be afraid to spend a little bit more money on uniforms, wallets, or flags either; especially if you are refereeing at a level where you get paid and you will be able to make the money that you spend on your equipment.

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