New Official Sports Jerseys

Official Sports is releasing new jerseys available for purchase this summer. These new jerseys are getting closer to the solid color style that is used around the world by most leagues. This picture was released on the Official Sports website, along with the text “Available Summer 2016.”

These new jerseys have a much sleeker, good looking design than the old ones. Referees will still be permitted to wear their aoon-to-be old jerseys through 2018. The look of these new jerseys is very good, but referees will be forced to buy new equipment, which is unfortunate. In addition to the design of the jersey changing, the USSF logo has changed as well, forcing referees with the logo on their shorts to buy new shorts. Although this is a very good change to the overall look of Official Sports equipment, it is unfortunate that it will likely cost around $50 for a jersey.


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