The uniform is the most important part of how a referee is viewed. To make a good first impression, you must look professional for the players, coaches, spectators, and even fellow officials.


Here are the major brands of referee uniforms and where you can buy them:

Official Sports

Commonly worn in the United States, the Official Sports uniforms consist of a shirt (yellow, black, red, green, or blue), black shorts, and black socks. Official sports also sells all other referee essentials, ranging from whistles to communication systems. You can buy these directly on the Official Sports website.


The Adidas referee uniforms are the most recognized referee uniforms globally, as they are worn by FIFA referees in World Cup matches and all other international competition, as well as in the MLS and Liga BBVA. You can buy these on this website.


The Nike referee uniforms are worn in European leagues such as the Barclays Premier League, the Dutch Eredivisie, and the French League 1. You can buy these on this website.