Communication Systems

Communication systems are some of the less talked about pieces of referee equipment. They are only commonly seen once you reach the professional level, but they are one of the most useful tools a referee can have. They allow the referee, assistant referees, and fourth official to communicate efficiently without having to stop play.

The downside to these professional systems is the price. A lightweight, open channel, frequency hopping, whistle filtering Vokkero BasiX system starts at around $2250. If you have that kind of money, then by any means, buy this! It is a very useful tool to have in-game.

But the odds are that you don’t have a couple thousand dollars lying around to buy this. Fear not, there is an easier way to do this that is a lot cheaper! Although it may not have as many of the fancy features as the Vokkero, you can easily buy the alternative on Amazon. I have used this DIY system working a few matches and has worked flawlessly for the crew that I have done the matches with.

The system consists of a simple two-way radio and a headset. The radio that I have used is a Midland radio that produces crisp, clear sound. The radio is small enough that it isn’t too obtrusive, but you still have to keep it on your waistband, as opposed to your upper arm, like you can do with the professional systems. You can buy this product here. The earpiece that I used was simple as well, but it was not luxurious by any means. The part that you speak into did not stay near your mouth, so you have to secure the microphone using medical tape on your cheek for it to be effective. You can buy the earpiece here.

This system is functional, but it is not perfect or professional quality, as it costs significantly less than the professional types.